Calvary Chapel University

Written by on Oct 31, 2012


8-WEEK Module classes that equip Christians to think biblically for the glory of God.

Calvary Glenwood is partnering with Calvary Chapel University‘s Online College of Biblical Studies to bring you an opportunity to obtain an education in the Bible.  Click on the image to learn more.

Our desire is to offer you a Christian education that will help you learn to think logically and theologically for the glory of God as you widen and deepen your understanding of who God is and what He has accomplished. 

Although most classes will be online, we will be offering live classes in the church building during the evenings (tentative launch date is FALL 2014). 


The vision of The College of Biblical Studies is to equip Christians for leadership roles by providing a sound biblical curriculum. The equipping includes biblical knowledge, Christian character, and skills that result in solid leadership abilities, making their witnesses for Christ effective in the Church and the world. 

“And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2 NKJV 

Mission Statement 

The College of Biblical Studies is an evangelical Christian community of educators and scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through a distinctly Christian approach to leadership, focusing on Jesus, his New Covenant, His wisdom for life, Superior Academics and Servant Leadership. 

Biblical Certificate Programs 

  • Certificate of Bible Knowledge

  • Certificate of Biblical Leadership

  • Certificate of Women’s Ministry

  • Certificate of Biblical Counseling

  • Certificate of Church Planting

  • Certificate of Worship & Creative Arts


Fall Mod 1

Registration closes – September 2, 2014

Classes Begin – September 2, 2014

Add/Drop Deadline- September 7, 2014

Classes end – October 26, 2014


Fall Mod 2

Registration closes – October 27, 2014

Classes Begin – October 27, 2014

Add/Drop Deadline- October 21

Classes end – December 21, 2014


Spring Mod 1

Registration closes – January 5, 2015

Classes Begin – January 5, 2015

Add/Drop Deadline- January 11, 2015

Classes end – March 1, 2015